By Nika Morevich
Size: 16″ , handmade, one of a kind
Category: Cats and felines

Old cat Tibus was once a senior officer on the ship "Striker". He spent most of his feline life at sea, devoting himself to service and even managed to live to a ripe old age. But now, when years and a serious injury took their toll, Tibus was written off to the shore. He was left completely alone, without comrades, without a team and ... without a family ...
This happens when honor and duty become higher than one's own desires, goals, and even life.
But, I think, the old warrior deserved to find a house, at least in his old age, where warm friendly hugs would really wait for him.

Tibus is 41 centimeters tall from the floor to the tips of his ears. It is sewn from high-quality faux fur, and inside it has a special plastic skeleton. Paw fastening - splint, tinting - paints for airbrushing. Despite his injury, the cat stands confidently and can change the position of his body. The eyelids are additionally reinforced with wire, which allows Tibus to squint his eyes if desired.

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Review by Cindy G.
United States, on May 3, 2023

I just received my beautiful Tibus by Nika and he is so creative, unique and fabulous!!! Easy to get lost in all his fine details. And the posing is amazing!! Everything on this guy moves!! Nika was a pleasure to deal with in every way. My package was shipped quickly and arrived safely. Thrilled with my Tibus!!!

I was happy to work with you. Our communication gave me a lot of pleasure 😊. It's always nice to know that the creation I created is in loving hands. I hope one day you will come back to my store to add to your collection 🥰❤️❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Hsu W.
Taiwan, on Apr 26, 2024

He's unbelievable charming 😻

It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you very much for your purchase 🙏❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Isabelle B.
Belgium, on Apr 3, 2024

I am so happy! Molly arrived today with her best friend Benya. They are so happy together. How beautiful they are both. I can't believe my eyes. ❤️

I wish everyone as nice clients as Isabelle. I am very glad that this unusual couple fell into such wonderful hands🥰❤️❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Vivien G.
United Kingdom, on Jan 16, 2024

Yuki is amazing! A unique creation so well made and very poseable. He has lots of character. I was so happy to finally be able to buy him. Lovely faux fur and materials used. His horns are incredible! A totally different creation to own from my usual bears. Absolutely delighted with him!

I was happy to collaborate again 🥰. The most exemplary customer and a wonderful person! My creation is in good hands 😊. Thank you for your purchase ❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Bethann D.
United States, on Sep 8, 2023

Jack arrived today. I am so thrilled! I can't look at him without smiling. He's got so much personalty. He is extremely well made from quality materials. He has an armature for endless posing. The painting detail is done very realistic. With the open mouth and tongue hanging out you expect a bark any time. He arrived to my home well packaged with no damage. I highly recommend this work of art and the seller that created him.

I'm happy that Jack has finally found a new home. I think it was not in vain that he waited for this particular owner. Our transaction was incredibly easy and simple. I believe that my creation is in good hands.🙏❤️❤️❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Judith A.
United States, on Aug 6, 2023

Neville arrived today…he was thrilled to be here despite the look on his face! Seriously, what a great character, with such attitude..,thank you Nika!

I thank you for taking Neville in. I think his complex nature will be easy to fix with a little love and care 😉. The role of the Easter Bunny is unlikely to suit him, but the role of Scrooge at Christmas is definitely within his power).
Nika Morevich
Review by Vivien G.
United Kingdom, on Aug 3, 2023

Absolutely delighted with this incredible beaver called Darwin - he has lots of personality! Made from lovely soft faux fur, the nose, fingers and teeth have been made to perfection with such attention to detail. He is just exquisite. He will look great next to Nika's other beaver that I own. Very talented artist and highly recommend her work with such attention to detail.

This is not our first transaction and I am absolutely satisfied with the cooperation with Vivien. Pleasant communication in all respects: both with a person and with a customer. Payment is always on time and in full, all agreements are observed exactly and on time. I will always be glad to see Vivien in my store and I am open to any suggestions.❤️🌺❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Yvonne C.
United Kingdom, on Apr 12, 2023

A very lovely cat with attitude! I will buy from this seller again.

Thank you very much. We are always glad to cooperate with you😊🥰❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Yvonne C.
United Kingdom, on Jan 11, 2023

Arrived quickly and lovely expression on his face

Thank you, 😊🥰❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Diana H.
United States, on Dec 1, 2022

This bunny is just so perfect and unique !! The shipping was very fast and communication was excellent. This bunny will be a permanent fixture in my home.

Diana is a very responsible buyer and just a pleasant person to talk to. I was glad to fulfill this order and will be glad to cooperate again in the future🥰❤️
Nika Morevich
Review by Lori G.
United States, on Sep 8, 2022

I love him he’s adorable thank you so much!

I am glad that you like Bino and I will be happy if you come to me again for a purchase) May this baby bring you good luck, because next year is the year of the rabbit)🥰❤️❤️
Nika Morevich


Lisa Peele Aug 16 2023 20:18

I love this fox. Any chance you'll make another one similar to it, and how much would it cost?

Lisa Peele Aug 16 2023 20:19

I be happy with a smaller version, whatever you think.

Nika Morevich Aug 17 2023 06:20

Dear Lisa. Pay attention to the Barton-Bogdan cat in my store. It is made according to the same pattern, but from a different fur. Unfortunately, the fur that I used when sewing the Tibus cat is out of production.

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